LaVar Ball is back and he has some stories to tell.  On Tuesday the father of Lakers guard Lonzo Ball paid a visit to “Undisputed” and had some things to say about his son’s organization. 

Ball’s first claim was that former Lakers president Magic Johnson and current GM Rob Pelinka, both told him that his son LiAngelo would get a shot with the team. 

LaVar was asked by co-host Shannon Sharpe if Magic led him to believe that LiAngelo would get a shot with the team.

“Yes.  Him and Rob.  Behind closed doors, we did talk, and just like grown men, we don’t have to put it all out there.  But hey, I ain’t saying put my boy on the team or nothing like that.  Let him play with Lonzo and see how he do.  If he does raggedy, then you’ll be like ‘ah, I don’t think it’ll work.’  But let him and Lonzo do their thing together.”

LaVar didn’t stop there.  He then claimed that Pelinka drafts guys as a favor to agents that he owes favors to.

“If you was an agent, you owe some people some favors.  And that’s why you get some of these other picks where you’re like, ‘why did they take that guy?’  The reason they took him was he owed this dude a favor from back in the day.”

This guy is amazing.  I know he has plenty of haters out there, but ESPN and FOX are crazy for not giving LaVar his own show. 

It would be an instant hit.  The numbers would be off the charts.  I would tune in every single day.  The man knows how to move the needle.

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