League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular esports games in the world. With numerous professional players forming teams to compete in huge tournaments and a large following, LoL is one of the biggest gaming communities globally. Thus, it features one of the most developed and extensive scenes in esports today, which is why it attracts gamers and punters alike.


As an established multiplayer online battle (MOBA) arena game, LoL presents plenty of wagering opportunities, with bookmakers giving great odds to esports gamblers. Whether you’re new to the esports betting scene or have some experience with it, it’s a fun game to wager on. And just like any other betting subject, you have to learn what’s it all about and how the mechanics of betting in the game works.


This guide discusses the things that you should know about the game, how it’s played, the betting mechanics, and tips on consistently making good decisions and earning more money. Read on to learn more about League of Legends betting.


League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game that was developed and published by RIOT Games. LoL esports matches are played through matches that feature two teams of five players. Each player from each side chooses a ‘champion’ out of 135 different ones to control to compete in a single map called the ‘Summoners Rift.’


The match’s objective is to destroy the other team’s ‘nexus,’ which is a structure located at the heart of each team’s territory. The nexus is defended by the team members and other non-player entities like minions, monsters, and turrets.


Each champion has unique abilities that scale on different stats. These stats and abilities allow champions to be divided into different roles with their strengths and weaknesses. The LoL champions are classified into six types: assassin, mage, tank, support, fighter, and marksmen.


Betting on LoL means you have to evaluate both the players’ skills and the abilities of the champion they control. That’s the foundation of an effective MOBA betting strategy regardless of anywhere you’re betting, the style of gameplay that you’re used to playing, or watching. LoL betting Philippines tactics are virtually the same in every online casino or sportsbook sites globally. 

LoL Betting Types

Like for a traditional sport, you can bet before the matches begin and while the match happens. It’s also possible to bet on both match and tournament outcomes with the addition of specific elements within each game. Since esports is similar to traditional sports, betting on one follows a similar structure.


Money-line bets – Moneyline is the simplest bet in any esports game. You simply have to bet on who will win the round or match. 


Handicap/spread – Spread bets levels the playing field in matches where there’s a heavy favorite because it allows bettors to bet on either team at odds that are relatively even. Since LoL matches are commonly played in a best-of-three format, spreads are always set at +/-1.5. The favorite team will have 1.5 subtracted from their final score while the underdog will have 1.5 added to theirs. This means that you’ll have something to cash out when backing the underdog even if they just win a single round in a match.


Totals – For totals, you’ll be asked to predict how many rounds a match will last. It’s advisable to take the under bet when there’s a heavy favorite.


Prop bets – Prop bets or propositions are wagers which involve elements that don’t directly affect the game. This bet depends on the match, sportsbook, and which teams are competing. One example of a prop bet in LoL is predicting which team will be first to destroy a tower.


Futures – Futures asks you to predict significant outcomes ahead of time, like which team will win an entire tournament, often before the event even begins.

Final tips

Since the basics have been covered, here are some final tips that you should keep in mind when betting on LoL matches:



  • Pay attention to the players champion of choice


As previously mentioned, the foundation of a sound LoL betting strategy is evaluating the players’ skills and the abilities of the champions that they summon during a match. Consider how their skills can affect the pace of the match and the outcome.



  • Shop around for the best odds


There are tons of sportsbooks and online betting sites where you can bet, but one thing you have to look for aside from credibility are the odds. Jump around from website to website to see which ones where you can win a reasonable sum. 



  • Play LoL


Of course, there’s no better way to learn the game itself than firsthand experience. It’ll be easier for you to assess a match if you know how to play LoL yourself.



  • Specialize


With LoL being the titan that it is in the esports realm, there are so many teams, players, and tournaments that you can watch and bet on. This gives you the choice to specialize in a certain aspect of the game or a particular region that may be better suited for your betting objectives.


LoL’s structure of betting is similar to traditional sports. They’re clear and is affected by players, the champions that they control, and other important in-game elements such as items and stats. It’s definitely an entertaining way of passing time with a high potential for good earnings.