Retro has made a comeback not only in fashion but in sports as well. Blame it on nostalgia or the global pandemic getting outside and playing a few rounds of golf has become increasingly popular. In this article, I will be cluing you in on all the top items you need to get into this exciting and challenging game. 

There are many tips and tricks on the internet which make your buying process easier. You can even check out sports goods websites such as Here is *also* a compilation of sound advice for when you are making a purchase in a sports shop:

Let’s dive in!


Mens Vests at golfgearhub


Before you start swinging your iron make sure you are comfortable and look the part. A mens vests at golfgearhub will provide you with a vest that offers you breathability and movability that you will want all year round. Here are a few options to consider based on the season:


  • Summer – Under Armour Men’s Windstrike Vest 
  • Autumn – Cutter and Buck Sweater Vest 
  • Winter – Columbia Steens Mountain Full Zip Fleece
  • Spring – PGA Tour Water Repellant Heather 


Regardless of the season choosing any one or a few of these options will prepare you for any situation while keeping you comfortable on and off the course. A vest also makes it easy to layer for especially cool or windy days. 


Women’s Golf Clothing 


Women typically prefer a sleeker and more comfortable top with sleeves so choosing the right shirt is important. You can see a wide selection of women’s golf clothing options on Golf Gear Hub, like the short sleeve polo from Nike. It comes in a wide range of colours and offers a longer hem for convenient coverage. 


Skorts are still in and offer a variety of benefits. The comfort of a short with the look and style of a skirt you can find ones that come replete with pockets to hold your golf cards and more. These can also be worn for other sports such as tennis, running, or hiking. 


Shoes for Men and Women 


Last but not least, it is critical that you pick the right footwear to support the walking in various climates. Golf can be played year-round and often the courses experience wet terrain, mud, and sand that require more traction and support than a regular sneaker. That’s why choosing cleat or other types of spiked golf shoes. For both men and women, the options are nearly endless. Some of the top picks in men’s golf shoes are:


  1. New Balance Spiked Golf Shoes are always high on any list. The microfiber prevents dampness and the shoes have removable cleats and are lightweight. 
  2. Men’s Minimus by New Balance – a great spineless shoe and are nice for walking and offer a two-year guarantee on their waterproof protection 
  3. Skechers offers a spineless Waterproof golf shoe for women 
  4. Oregon Mudders Women’s Oxford Golf Shoe can be worn on and off the course 


Take Away 

With so many great options for golf gear available be sure to go shopping before you start playing. Make sure you have the right gear so that you are comfortable and dry while playing this classic game. For more information on the latest golf must-haves, check out Golf Gear Hub now!