Lions running back LeGarrette Blount revealed that he wanted to stay in New England after winning a Super Bowl with them.  But he ended up leaving for Philadelphia after he felt disrespected by the Patriots.


“The way things ended there was not to my liking,” Blount said in a segment of NFL Network’s America’s Game, which aired Thursday night. “I had told them how bad I wanted to be there and how much I wanted to stay there and I didn’t want to leave, and they couldn’t get a deal done for me. I just feel like they didn’t respect me at all.”

It worked out in Blount’s favor.  He got his revenge by beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl and winning back to back rings with two different teams.  

That streak is likely to come to an end in Detroit, but he has two million (and another 2.5 million in incentives) to be happy there.  It’s the biggest contract of his nine year career.