Attorneys for LeSean McCoy filed a motion late last month to dismiss a lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills running back by his former girlfriend, Delicia Cordon.

The motion contends that Cordon’s amended complaint, submitted Oct. 2, “contain(s) impertinent and scandalous matter, gratuitously added in order to defame McCoy and cast him in a poor light.”

It also states that “allegations that (McCoy) ‘beat his son’ or ‘beat his dog’ bear no relationship whatsoever to the claims,” and suggests that they were made to embarrass McCoy and create publicity for Cordon.

Cordon originally sued McCoy following a home invasion in July at the house they shared in suburban Atlanta, during which she said she was assaulted and robbed. 

She contended that McCoy and a friend changed the security system at the house, leaving her defenseless. 

McCoy has denied the charge.

Since then haven’t heard much from Cordon. Today that all changed when she decided to post a gift she received online. 

She ain’t gotta beg, borrow, or steal !!! #AllNewEverything

Not sure who the mystery person is that gifted her the Range Rover, or did in fact she purchase it herself?

The tip line is open if anyone has any info. 

Congrats to Delicia on her bounce back game. 

You can check out more pics of LeSean’s ex Delicia below: 

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