Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was fined more than $23,000 for his actions in Sunday’s game, a source told ESPN.

It started after Donald returned what would have been a turnover, if it wasn’t an incomplete pass. Britt shoved Donald hard when Donald was clearly out of bounds. The league fined Britt $20,054.

Donald retaliated, drawing a $10,026 for grabbing Britt’s facemask during the exchange.

After the game, Donald was still miffed at Britt. So, after Donald removed his jersey and shoulder pads, he put his helmet back on and confronted Britt again. 

The league fined Donald another $13,369 for his actions.

Donald was asked whether he’s worried that the Chiefs will try to push his buttons.

Maybe the loss of some $$$ will help keep him on the straight and narrow. 

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