Running back Le’Veon Bell’s time in Pittsburgh appears to be over.  It is possible that he could re-sign with the Steelers in the off-season, but given that he will miss all of 2018 and James Conner appears to be a legit starting running back, it’s unlikely.

Bell’s likely landing spot is believed to be in New York with Jets.  According to the Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman six out of the ten people around the league that he spoke to believe that’s where he’ll end up.  And a Steelers source called it a “foregone conclusion.”

“I think it’s a foregone conclusion,” said one Steelers source.

“That’s the place where most of us have him pegged to go,” said one NFC scout.

True, only the Oracle can see the future, but of the 10 NFL personnel sources I spoke to, six said they were certain Bell would head to New York.

Whoever decides to sign Bell will need to be prepared to shell out some major cash.  He has over $14 million in lost wages to make up for.  On the other hand, he is still one of the league’s best backs and will be well rested.