A lifelong Dodgers fan is in the news after an incident at Dodger Stadium last Friday night.  According to 34-year-old Haley Pollock, last Friday night she was asked to cover-up her “No Country For Old Men” t-shirt that features an illustration of a uterus or leave.

After a back-and-forth with stadium workers, she and her boyfriend decided to leave.

Via CBS Los Angeles:

“My reaction was, ‘What could possibly be offensive about a uterus?’” says Pollock, a 34-year-old law student and women’s rights activist. “There’s nothing offensive about my shirt. My shirt is an image, a line drawing of a uterus.”

Guards told Pollock she could stay if she wore her jacket or she could leave. The couple decided to leave after 20 minutes, but not before feeling humiliated.

“I essentially had to stand there with my shirt open for them to stare at my chest so that they could read what was on my chest, for them to tell me what was appropriate, and that’s ridiculous,” Pollock says.

Clearly she’s wearing the shirt to make a statement and get a reaction out of certain people.  But it doesn’t appear to be all that offensive.  Not to mention the fact that the Dodgers claim there’s no dress code.  

I’m sure far more offensive things have been worn at Dodgers games.  For now, we’ll have to wait to see how the Dodgers decide to address it.