Lil Wayne has weighed in one of sports hottest debates, revealing that he thinks Kobe Bryant and not Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history.

The admission came during the first episode of The Bumbu Room on Lil Wayne’s YouTube channel, where he answers, ‘the most unexpected fan-submitted questions.’

When the question, ‘Jordan or Kobe?’ came up, Lil Wayne responded: 

Watch below: 

 ‘I’m a real sports guy, boy that is a tough, tough question.’

‘These days, they think the tough question is Jordan or Lebron,’ referring to current Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Lil’ Wayne was also weighed in on a more musical debate, Nicki Minaj or Rhianna, with Wayne picking Nicki.

But who cares about that. 

Wayne and Kobe have always been close. 

I’m thinking he’s too close to Kobe that he can’t make an impartial decision. 

Not sure Kobe feels the same way about Wayne. 

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