Former ESPN Talking gas bag Skip Bayless has made a living out of ripping LeBron James. He’s the ultimate troll, and his LeBron hot takes have made him a fortune. 

Skip is doing what he does best, and is continuing talking about LeBron. 

His latest is a challenge to Bron: 

Via GQ:

“I always think of LeBron, since he’s the guy we talk about the most. Or Tom Brady. I’m going to the top of the food chain with both of them. I definitely could outrun those two for eight miles. I would do it for any amount of money. I still run pretty well. I’m pretty fast. My eighth mile is usually around 6:30. The other miles will be more like 7:30 or 8:00. Let’s take LeBron: At 6-foot-nine and 260 pounds, it’s just physics—it’s too many pounds to carry over a distance. I’d do it tomorrow…. Because I lift weights so hard and run so much, yeah. I believe I can outrun most everyone.”

Skip attributes his amazing running to staying consistent with his diet. 

Via GQ:

I would just call the Chinese restaurant because they knew me and knew what I liked. I would get steamed chicken and broccoli, and I’m a white rice guy. I know brown is better for you, but I don’t like the taste of it. It’s too dry for me. Neither my wife or I cook, so here in L.A., we just order from a meal service.

There you have it, the lunch and dinner of champions. 

I would pay $99.99 for a PPV of LeBron versus Skip in an eight mile run. 

Someone needs to make this happen. 

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