This is a list of television channels that broadcast for a Swedish language audience.

Channels holding a broadcasting license for the terrestrial network are marked “(DTT).”

Public non-commercial networks


SVT1 (general) (DTT)

SVT2 (general) (DTT)

SVT24 (news, sports, reruns) (DTT)

Swedish private commercial networks

These are privately owned television channels that are solely, or almost solely, directed at Sweden. Many such channels don’t broadcast from Sweden, but nevertheless target a Swedish audience.

TV4 is the only commercial channel ever to have broadcast nationally in the Swedish analogue terrestrial network, but the arrival of digital terrestrial television saw the TV4 monopoly on commercial television broken.

TV4 Group

TV4 (general entertainment) (DTT) (HD)

Sjuan (general entertainment) (DTT)

TV12 (DTT) (HD)

one more is the Promoter Agency Broadcasting (OPMA) with coverage in 16 cities and another is the Clear Channel Sports pay and UnoTV channel online, reported America Movil conference.

Carlos Slim’s company obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympic Winter Games Sochi, Russia 2014 and Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016 to 17 countries in Latin America, except for Brazil .

The manager explained that they have several agreements in accordance with the type of concession of the television.

“There concessionaires and licensees, a concession by title can not pass if advertising and the other, then each of them there are different arrangements, in both cases there is no direct charge for the rights, but there is an agreement for broadcasting revenues,” explained Elias Ayub.

Octavio Juan Pavón, Radio and Television of Veracruz, said that this transmission confirms that public media are an alternative and becomes the third country national network for its coverage.

Meanwhile, Monica Ramirez of Radio and Television of Querétaro, generous scored the agreement between America Movil and the various public media so that the latter can transmit the Olympics.

America Movil reiterated that remain open to provide to anyone interested the transmission of the Olympic Games.