Love! The word itself is enough to give us butterflies. Deep down we all know the answer, yet sometimes we forget it’s worth. Love is the most beautiful feeling that is made for every living thing on our planet. If love doesn’t exist, we wouldn’t witness some of the legendary poems, novels and even the monuments like Taj Mahal! We are reminding you why love is important…

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1. It makes you a better person. 

Being able to love another human being selflessly is the most amazing feeling in the world. When you love someone you don’t really expect anything in return expect this very same feeling from that person. It is being written in books, we have seen in movies how loving someone can change us as a person. We do things that would not imagined, we sacrifice, compromise and learn to forgive. All these things, one can’t do if he isn’t in love or have no feeling toward another person. We do things for that person we won’t do even for ourselves. we try to make him/her happy, we take their feelings above our and trust me nothing feels good than doing something for someone else or making the other person happy.

2.  We get to know ourselves better.

When we love someone, we realize what we are capable of. How much can we do for others. And we get the support and affection in return from that person, we realize our strengths and weaknesses. It is true, love leads path to ourselves. 

3. Love teaches you so much! 

Whether you are in love or you have broken your heart through it, it teaches you both ways. You have some self-realization that leads you to a better path. Whether it is a habit of smoking, drinking or anything else you will make twice as much effort if you are in love and your significant others motivating you to do so. Even if you have experienced a heartbreak it still doesn’t fail to teach you. You realize how amazing it was and what it’s worth and sooner or later you will open your arms for love. 

4. It is important to have a partner in crime! 

It’s not just out grownup things, you are allowed to behave childishly in love! Apparently, you become immature as a 2 year and wise as 60 years old when you are in love. It never fails to surprise you. You do all the childish, most hideous and grownup things together. Doing silly things with each other gives you the pleasure you never imagined. It is so amazing to see how two persons who are in love, be each other’s guide, and motivators and mentors at a single time. It always fun to have a partner in crime in your significant other.

5. Love motivates you.

Studies have shown that those who are in a committed relationship tend to perform better at work or in a career as a whole. The support and love we get from our life partner makes us motivated and give us the ability to perform better task. Having a strong emotional relationship makes us strong and give us a better direction in our life and future.

6. Love makes us to look forward.

When you have someone by your side, you feel like achieving the whole world. It gives us the strength to keep moving. Starting a family is itself a milestone and your partner’s love makes it easy to do so. Being grown old with your lover is the greatest gift one person can have and if you have that kind of love you won’t feel scared even for a moment in your whole life. 

7. Love is important because it is the greatest feeling.

Love is a feeling you never regret, love is feeling you that won’t make you feel insufficient, it is a feeling that you will experience in one form or other. If you have experienced love you never regret it even for a second whether it ended up in good or even worse terms. You will cherish it for life. It is the greatest feeling in the whole world. So don’t cheat your love.

Love isn’t just limited to your partner. Try to love your friends family and even your pet dogs cause they love you! You will never run out of love if you keep sharing it. The more you spread love around you the more you get. No matter what happens in your life never block out the love in your life.