This story comes via Real Cool Nation, who are claiming the Los Angeles Lakers rookie dropped his girlfriend Denise Garcia, and to boot, Denise is pregnant with Lonzo’s baby. 

Looks like Lonzo Ball isn’t posting another Valentine’s Day post about his girl Denise since she may not be his girl anymore. Lonzo seems to have moved on to Dutch/American recording artist Natalie Larose. Lonzo is keeping quiet, but his posts say a thousand words and fans are replying. Many are commenting on both Lonzo and Denise’s posts both recent and old. Some are pretty harsh towards Denise showing no sympathy for her situation. Others are bashing Lonzo trying to clear up his tracks with deleting old photos of him and Denise. It was only one year ago that Lonzo posted his Valentine’s Day pic about his heartthrob Denise, but this year round he was silent. The biggest news of all is that Denise just announced that they were pregnant. 

Denise Garcia seems to be un-phased by all the rumors, and has continued posting pictures on the Gram. Let’s hope for the sake of their future kid they can work things out.