Gambling has always had the power to enchant people all around the globe. It’s the allure of having to let go of control and to rely on luck instead that captivates people. But it’s also the pious hope of being able to trick the odds in order to feel that rush of adrenaline when the tills start ringing. For some people, gambling at a casino is not necessarily about winning, but rather about the experience of dressing up and being part of the sophisticated ambience – that goes particularly for playing in one of the world´s largest and most exclusive casinos.

Why Do People Choose Luxury Casinos?

Gambling is about money. And one aspect of money is luxury. That’s why many well-established casinos embody exactly that – luxury. Luxury casinos are more appealing to high rollers, who are willing to spend thousands of dollars in order to throw the dice or to watch the roulette ball find its halt.

People, who have not collected a lot of casino experience yet, can also play at luxury casinos and often choose to do so. That has various reasons, one of them probably being the wish to be part of the high roller world just for one evening. Also, the worldwide marketing that is done by very solvent casinos should not be underestimated. Their presence in travel guides, casino blogs and Hollywood movies makes them known all over the world and turns them into landmarks.

Global Casino Market Stats and Trends 

Even though gambling has been popular for centuries, it doesn’t seem to be at its peak yet. Statistics suggest that, by 2025, the gambling industry may rise by another USD 126.3 billion – that is a CAGR of almost 10%. Online Casinos like the ones you can find on could be one of the reasons for the ever-growing global success of casinos. Various legit providers manage to transfer the vibrant casino atmosphere right into your living-room – the perfect preparation for your first visit to a stationary casino.

Stats also show a growing popularity of the gambling machine segment, which means that online casinos and volatile slot machines are keeping pace with the times. When it comes to the Global Casino Revenue, US-American casinos occupy 38%, while Asian casinos account for the largest market share (41%).

What is the Current State of the Largest Casinos in the World?

Even though Pacific Asia has slowly dethroned the US by building many new casinos in Macau and Singapore, Nevada is still the state that holds the highest number of casinos in the world. Las Vegas is the capital of gambling and the destination of millions of casino tourists each year.

The state of Nevada legalized gambling as early as in 1931. Ever since, many casinos have been built. As of now, there are 334 registered casinos in Nevada – “only” 103 of them are located in Las Vegas. But the largest casinos aren’t limited to Nevada. Find out more about them in the following sections:

WinStar World Casino

Situated in Thackerville, Oklahoma, the WinStar World Casino is a real surprise to many people, who´d assume one of the largest casinos to be in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or in Macau. At a size of 600.000 square feet, the WinStar World Casino doesn´t need to hide behind other luxury casinos: More than 7.000 slot games and over 100 table games enchant its visitors and convince them by fair RTPs and a great experience.

What used to be a bingo hall has turned into one of the largest and best-known casinos in the world – a welcome change from the typical casino locations and definitely a landmark worth seeing in Oklahoma. 

The Venetian Macau

At 546,000 square feet, the Venetian Macau is slightly smaller than the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma. It only has a little over 2.000 slots to offer, because it puts its focus on table games for both regular guests and high rollers. More than 200 great dice games and card games make for a very exclusive casino experience.

The Venetian Macau isn´t just the biggest casino in Macau, but also one of the largest casinos in the entire world. That’s why it has become a downright pilgrimage place for gamblers from all over the globe. The Venetian Macau isn´t only famous for its size and its great selection, but also for its design: Throughout the casino, you´ll find numerous exclusive art installations that are sure to catch your attraction. 

MGM Cotai

The MGM Cotai, too, is located in Macau – a place of superlatives. Guests can enjoy more than 1.500 slot games and almost 200 table games there. Baccarat, Blackjack, 7/11, Roulette, Sic Bo – there’s nothing you don´t find there. The MGM Cotai was mainly built to attract wealthy Chinese gamblers, but has become the place to go for people from any nation. In order to prepare yourself for playing at such an exclusive casino, tune up your play online. Some casinos accept Bitcoin for deposits. 

City of Dreams

Compared to first three casinos on this list, City of Dreams is rather small at a size of 420.000 square feet. Compared to standard casinos all over the world, it is still huge, though. Still, the Macau-based Casino provides almost 1.500 volatile slots and more than 500 table games. That fact makes City of Dreams a popular destination for gamblers from both abroad and from town. The 20 restaurants and bars within the casino provide for a special experience.

Wynn Palace

Wynn is a casino chain with exclusive casinos all over the world. The one in Las Vegas is possibly the most famous one, but certainly not the biggest Wynn Casino in the world. Wynn Palace is another casino located in Macau that has made it on our list. At 420.000 square feet, the casino offers a range of popular casino games: more than 1.000 slots and over 350 table games.

Just like the other Macau-based casinos on this list, Wynn Palace is situated at the well-known Cotai Strip. And even though the Wynn Casino in Macau isn´t the biggest one on the strip, it´s definitely one of the most expensive buildings there. Rumor has it that the building costs reached USD 4.1 billion dollars – a casino of superlatives. Just like the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, Wynn Palace also offers hotel rooms for both casual gamblers and high rollers.