After Magic Johnson set fire to Lakers’ brass with his “First Take” appearance, where he aired all his dirty laundry, he spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the whole bombshell interview, and how it went down. 

He also shared his regret about the timing of it all. 

He mostly reiterated what he said earlier on ESPN, but he also addressed upstaging Vogel, and felt terrible about it. 

He told The Times that he didn’t intend overshadow Vogel’s introduction, but that he had scheduled his “First Take” appearance two weeks ago before the Lakers and Vogel reached a deal.

He also expressed support for the new Lakers coach.

“All of us as Lakers fans got to do one thing,” Johnson told The Times. “We got to support Frank Vogel as the coach.”

Johnson also once again said he was referring to Pelinka when he mentioned “backstabbing” and that he was not happy with reports that he was a largely absentee executive when running the Lakers’ basketball operations.

“So, that’s who I was talking about when I said backstabber,” Johnson said. “Just you got to be a stand-up guy, a stand-up person. If you got a problem with me or something I’m doing, just come and tell me.”

After clarifying that Pelinka was the backstabber, Johnson said he still wants Lakers fans to support him. 

Interesting ask. 

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