Everyone knows the hidden ball trick, it’s one of the great joys of baseball and softball.

But have you ever seen it end a game? 

Trine, a small university in Indiana, was playing in the NCAA Super Regionals with a spot in the Division III College World Series on the line.

It was the bottom of the seventh, and Trine had a two-run lead and two outs. One more out won the game and a World Series berth, but there were runners at first and second with the winning run at the plate.

What to do? Pull off a hidden ball trick for the ages. A walk-off, pick-off!

Watch below:

For those having issues following along, below is the breakdown of what happened. 

Via Yahoo.com

Hereโ€™s how it went down: The pitcher intercepted the throw to second base and pretended to relay it there. The middle of the infield and outfield acted like the throw was wild and pretended to give chase. The pitcher acted upset, all while running toward the baseline between second and third. The ball was in her glove the whole time, however, so when the runner took off, it was an easy tag out.

Pulling off a walk-off pick-off using the hidden ball trick to advance to the DIII College World Series, wow!

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