A man was severely injured in an altercation at Dodger Stadium on Friday, and the Los Angeles Dodgers said they are cooperating with the police investigation into the incident.

“Last night, an altercation occurred suddenly between two men who were leaving the stadium,” the Dodgers said in a statement Saturday. “One of the men was injured as a result of the altercation. A witness immediately reported the incident to stadium personnel, and emergency medical technicians were promptly dispatched to provide medical assistance at the scene. The matter is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Dodgers are cooperating fully with the investigation.”

The man, identified as Rafael Reyna by his wife, Christel, is in the hospital and on life support after he suffered a fractured skull among other head injuries. Christel Reyna told KABC that she didn’t see what started the altercation as they left Friday’s Diamondbacks-Dodgers game but that she heard Rafael Reyna arguing with someone and then a loud cracking sound.

“I was hearing the arguing happening and then I heard like a smack, a crack,” Christel Reyna told KABC. “It sounded like a baseball bat, and then I heard him start moaning.”

Police say they are looking for a person in their 20s who drove away in a white SUV.

A Go Fund Me Page has already been set up. 

My husband Rafael Reyna was assaulted March 29th following a Dodgers game in Lot 3 just after midnight. I heard the entire attack because I was on the phone with him at the time.  We are asking anyone with information  to share what they know so we can catch whoever did this to my husband. I have been asked by people all over if we have a go fund me page set up, so I decided to create one. We need help  to cover medical expenses.  He was the main source of income for our family and somehow someway we need to make it through this. I anticipate some tough roads ahead of us, but we believe in the power of our Lord to heal him and carry our family through. Please continue to send your prayers for my husband. We can sure use a lot of them right now.

This is something that should never happen, but somehow does. 

Sporting events are supposed to be carefree safe-havens for fun and entertainment, not war zones. 

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