So what was said to Smart that has him offering up potential violence as the solution?

“My foot got stuck in a chair and a fan told me, ‘That’s right, stay on the ground, get on your knees.’  Excuse me?  I just told him, ‘Listen, just watch the game,’ because if we were on the street, you probably wouldn’t say that.”

Obviously the comments are stupid and could be offensive to some, but they aren’t threatening or worthy of a response that would require someone to “protect themselves.”  Smart thinks they are.

“We’re going to end up protecting ourselves eventually and it’s not going to be pretty for the fans.  We don’t want that, the league doesn’t want that, we don’t want that as players, but at some point you gotta stand up and you gotta protect yourself as a man.”

Protect yourself from what?  Words?  What are you even talking about?  This might be one of the softest responses to a heckling fan that I’ve ever heard. 

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