Major League Baseball has fully embraced bat flips, taunting pitchers and unsportsmanlike conduct.  So the fact that they think Max Muncy’s “Go Get it Out of the Ocean” t-shirt should come as a surprise.

 PMuncy taking a fastball to his earhole shouldn’t come as a surprise either.  Although they would probably cry about that and make a rule to put netting or bubble wrap around the batters.

Look, there’s a time and a place to admire a home run and flip your bat.  A home run in the first inning of a game isn’t one of them.

Nobody is saying you can’t celebrate your home runs either.  Everyone celebrates them.  Usually after they cross the plate and make it back to their dugout. 

The bat flip is essentially a receiver turning around at the 20 yard line and pointing at the defensive back before scoring a touchdown.  That move is frowned upon in football because it’s unsportsmanlike.

Maybe pitchers should start celebrating every strike they throw.  Hitters probably wouldn’t like that too much.

Cute shirt, Max.

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