MC Hammer has danced across our screens for the past 25-plus years in ads for everything from picture hooks to KFC, Pepsi and Lays potato chips.

But in his upcoming Super Bowl LIV ad for the new Cheetos popcorn, the Grammy-winning rapper says he’s finally found the produce that speaks to his heart.

“That question is almost illegal,” he laughs when Billboard asks if he was familiar with the term “cheetle” before he booked the gig, in reference to the bright orange dust that sticks to your fingers when you dig into a bag of the crunchy snack.

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“Everybody knows what cheetle is! Here in the U.S., what kid didn’t eat Cheetos? Everybody! The short answer is I ate Cheetos as a kid and got the Cheetle all over my fingers and here we are, 30 years later and it’s still the same.”

Though the full ad won’t be revealed until the Super Bowl, Cheetos has released two teasers clips, including “Where it All Began,” a cheesy homage to the alleged origin story for “U Can’t Touch This” that, of course, includes a prominent role for said Cheetle.

Flip the Page to see the teasers: