The parents of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair, who died in June from heatstroke caused during a team workout, say the toxic culture in the football program played a role in their son’s death and that DJ Durkin should no longer be allowed to coach.

“They did anything but that. So of course he should be fired.”

Multiple sources told ESPN that head athletic trainer Wes Robinson yelled “Drag his ass across the field” about a struggling McNair and that trainers were working to keep the lineman upright.

McNair’s mother, Tonya Wilson, told “Good Morning America” that her son wouldn’t have stopped, in part due to the ridicule he would have reportedly received.

“Jordan was the type of person who would give his all, give his best, because someone asked him to do something,” Wilson said. “He would always give his all. He wouldn’t have stopped. He wouldn’t have stopped. If that’s the culture, he didn’t want to be called any names, things that they say they’ve been called.”

These incidents are far and few between, but how can we prevent even these rare occurrences from happening. That’s up to the coaches.