James Stefanou was a real estate business development manager and longtime professional soccer player. Now he’s known as the oldest guy playing college football.  

Australian James Stefanou  is a 31-year-old former soccer pro who is Colorado’s star placekicker, and he’s the oldest active player in big-time college football.

Via B/R:

“He can absolutely kick professionally,” says Nathan Chapman of Prokick Australia, the punting and kicking academy that groomed and helped place Stefanou at Colorado. “He’s got the ability to do it, but he’s got to put runs on the board. Sports are not always a fairy tale.”

 The hope is that his performance over the next two-and-a-half years will earn him a look from NFL teams. If and when the opportunity presents itself, he will be a 34-year-old rookie.  

He’s definitely old for college football.

I’m just sensing his story being turned into a movie. 

Who would play him, hopefully they cast an Australian guy to play the part. Is Hugh Jackman too old?