“I thought Chris Brown should have been in the league,” the former-NBA world champion told Lathan. “Before, 10 years ago when I was playing with Chris? Yeah, definitely. He was better than a lot of people.”

World Peace went on to break down his game into specifics.

“He was still young—didn’t have a shot—but what young player has a shot?” World Peace said. “I like that he was very smooth…really good penetrator and really aggressive when attacking the basket. I thought he was one of the best ones I’ve seen.”

World Peace also shouted outed out the Game and Young Buck as true ballers.

“Game didn’t have any dribbling skills,” Metta explained. “But he could get it in that block and Game would give you work in that block. You could throw it up anywhere to the Game 10 years ago and he’d catch it backward, do a windmill on a fast break…and Young Buck was a hell of a finisher too. I’m not going to say Young Buck could’ve made the league but you could throw it anywhere to Young Buck.”

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