Mexico’s 2019 Gold Cup opener was marred by a ritualistic homophobic chant that the Mexican soccer federation and CONCACAF haven’t done enough to address.

On international television, in front of some 65,000 people, was an anti-gay slur, the Spanish equivalent of “f*****,” being hurled in unison by hundreds of fans at the opposing goalie.  

FIFA fined Mexico’s soccer federation (FMF) for “homophobic chants” at 11 different 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

They tried to quiet the crowd. 

The word in question is “puto,” and what it means depends largely on whom you ask.

Even within the same language, different words have different meanings across different cultures. In Mexican Spanish, “puto” can be the male equivalent of the word “b***h,” or, as Mexican soccer fans claim, it means “coward.”

FIFA, however, claims it’s homophobic, the Spanish equivalent of “f****t.”

 Since then, FIFA has announced that it will investigate both the Mexican team and the referees overseeing the match.

It’s going to be hard to curb fans from chanting, but if their team suffers, maybe they’ll stop the craziness. 

Or maybe not. 

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