“Pippen has a certain level of jealousy towards Michael. He has said recently many times he thinks LeBron’s a better player. Now, if you’re Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan made your career, completely made your career; even if you think that, keep it to yourself,” Falk said.

Falk also went on to say that Pippen wasn’t a good competitor and that he lacked the desire to win like Jordan did.

“Scottie’s problem, as the documentary points out in so many different places after the episodes you’ve seen, is that he wasn’t a great competitor. There were times for silly reasons. The migraine; you think that Michael Jordan [would do that] unless he had his leg amputated?”

Falk brought up Jordan’s famous flu game to make a comparison: “Scottie didn’t play part of that game because he had a headache.”

We will have to watch the final six episodes of “The Last Dance” to see what Falk is talking about.

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