Michael Rapaport’s feud with his former employer, Barstool Sports, is alive and well.  On Saturday he went after Johnny Manziel, mental health issues and substance abuse.  All in response to a picture Manziel shared in his Instagram story.  

In the picture the former NFL QB is wearing a t-shirt Barstool made after their falling out with Rapaport.  It has Rapaport’s face on it with a clown nose, a take on their Roger Goodell clown t-shirt. 

Rapaport tweeted at Manziel slamming his past issues with substances and telling him he’ll never play in the NFL again.  Seems like a resonable response to a t-shirt.  Manziel fired back and the two had a brief, but entertaining, back and forth.

Rapaport talks a tough game, but he’s clearly rattled by these t-shirts.  Maybe if he was a little thick skinned the whole feud with Barstool would end.