Michael Boddie, the father of former NFL star Michael Vick, has been sentenced to five years in prison for his participation in a heroin ring in Virginia.

Boddie pleaded guilty back in June and the 56-year-old received his sentence earlier this week. He was named in a federal indictment last year alongside 12 others who were involved in criminal activities associated with William “Pops” Joe and his family.

According to court documents, Boddie was apparently caught on wiretap discussing heroin distribution on several occasions. In one instance back in August 2016, Boddie could be heard telling a customer to call him instead of “Pops.”

Boddie’s attorney James Ellenson said that his client was coerced into the activities due in part to his very “serious substance abuse problem.” Ellenson added that Boddie and Joe were “essentially friends” and that he would “and help care for” Joe.

Ellenson tried appealing for a shorter sentence but the request was rejected. He requested in turn that Boddie should be moved to a facility farther away. The facility housing roughly 757 inmates where Hampton Roads residents are sent, is likely to house individuals who may know Boddie and/or his family. Ellenson stated, “That might prevent him from getting the rehabilitation he truly desires.”

According to the Washington Post:

It is unclear how close Boddie is to his son. An August 2007 Washington Post article published shortly before Michael Vick pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting charges said the two were estranged.

Even if Michael Vick and his father aren’t on speaking terms, this still has to sting. Hopefully they can reconcile, and Vick can help his father get thru this extremely difficult time. 

Family is family.