The league’s proposal, which includes bonuses if postseason games are played, offers lower-salaried players a higher percentage of their expected wages and would give some of the game’s biggest stars a fractional cut of their salaries. The formula the league offered, for example, would take a player scheduled to make the league minimum ($563,500), give him a prorated number based on 82 games ($285,228) and take a 10% cut from that figure, leaving him with a $256,706 salary.

The scale goes down as salaries go up, with every dollar:

$563,501 to $1 million paid at 72.5%

$1,000,001 to $5 million paid at 50%

$5,000,001 to $10 million paid at 40%

$10,000,001 to $20 million paid at 30%

$20,000,001 and up paid at 20%

Under this formula, Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, who at $37,666,666 has the highest full-season salary in baseball this year and would make $19,065,843 on a prorated basis over 82 games, would have a base salary of $5,748,577 — though players would be paid for only games played. Trout could make upward of $2.5 million more under the proposal if the league completes the World Series.

What a ridiculous fight to be having during a pandemic.  Where do the players expect the money to come from with empty stadiums?  TV money?  There’s only a certain amount of that money to go around.

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