The Vikings are having a very tough season.

They have been bad on offense for several games now, including a stinker against the Patriots in Week 13 and Week 14’s egg in Seattle.  

They fired the OC immediately following: 

Zimmer is the head Coach, so clearly he’s to blame. 

Alongside a photo of her and her father at her 2017 wedding, Zimmer White wrote:

“My dad has lost 16 pounds this season because of stress, he gets to work everyday at 4AM and works until 9-10 at night. A lot of the times he even sleeps at the office and goes straight to the office after a loss.

“He works his ASS off to find a way to WIN for all these so called ‘fans’ that tear him apart. I’ve seen it all today to making fun of his appearance to judging every move he makes and it makes me sick to my stomach. If you don’t appreciate and can’t recognize everything he’s done for this team then you are no fan. These people get behind their keyboards and write heartless comments and i know for a fact that they have never worked as hard as he has ONE day in their life.

“This man is one of the greatest COACHES, FATHER, HUSBAND, FRIEND, and PERSON in the world. He is the right leader for this team and he will get it turned around. He NEVER points blame or blames others for a loss. He spends what little free time he has with his family and making an impact in the community honoring his late wife. Think before you comment, think of who could be reading it, and look in the mirror before you judge someone else.”

If anyone is to blame I believe it’s Kirk Cousins. His record against teams with winning records is now 4-24. 

That’s who you blame. 

Whoever thought it was a good idea to back up the brinks truck for him. 

Check out more pics of Zimmer’s daughter below: 

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