Minecraft is 10 years old this year, with its initial release back in May 2009. At first, it was purely a PC game, but a mobile version was not far behind. Now spanning most platforms, Minecraft has grown so popular that there is even a Minecon convention every year. And it might even surprise you to learn that Minecraft is now being taught in schools.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular of all games and yet it is one of the simplest, in terms of graphics at any rate. The game is based on blocks, a building game where you have one goal – survive. You build up your world, you mine, dig and hunt for resources in a variety of places, build your home, set up a farm, create weapons, armor and more. Oh, and you do need to fight off the odd enemy or two along the way. It isn’t just a whole heap of fun; Minecraft is also one of the most creative, adventurous, and addictive games going and you only get out of it what you are prepared to put in.

Minecraft PE on the iPad and iPhone:

Minecraft PE has really made a splash with mobile users and is one of the most popular games downloaded from the official Panda Helper appstore. You can play the game as you do on your computer with the exact same game goals and you get the choice of playing alone or setting up a co-op with a group of your friends.

It is a user-friendly game, with tips and tutorials widely available to help you get the most out of it. The on-screen controls are simple to operate, the interface is intuitive, and you will find it hard to stop playing once you start.

When you first open Minecraft PE on your iPhone or iPad, you start with nothing on a beach. Your first task should be to harvest wood from trees to build a roof over your head – start simple; you can upgrade your buildings as you go along. And then build a place to store your resources. Spend your first day exploring your surroundings, gathering in as many resources as you can find and hunting for food but beware of nightfall – that’s when the creepers arise, along with many other monsters. If you don’t have a place to hide, you will lose your life and all your resources – unless you had the foresight to store them of course.

Protecting your home is important; while some of the monsters are only interested in you, others will try to invade your home or blow it up. Learn how to set traps and craft your weapons as early as you can; again, these can be upgraded and improved throughout the game.

Minecraft PE offers users a whole new world of fun. Along the way, there are plenty of goals to achieve, including building a furnace, catching fish, and more. You will learn how to make fire, how to make electricity, and build structures and objects to help you in your survival quest.

There is nothing fancy about the graphics; they are old-school, typical retro blocky graphics, but that makes it an easy game to play. Those graphics are what make the game, they are its signature, and it simply wouldn’t be the Minecraft we have come to know and love if it were upgraded with fancy, complex graphics.

Minecraft PE Features:

Minecraft PE is full of all the features you know from the PC version:

  • It’s fun and simple to play
  • Highly addictive
  • Build your own home
  • Raise animals and crops for food
  • Build simple or elaborate structures
  • Mine, dig and hunt of resources
  • Craft weapons and armor
  • Learn how to use electricity and fire to build structures and traps
  • The goal is survival so avoid the monsters or learn how to fight them effectively
  • Many more features

Minecraft PE is a great game to play anytime, anywhere; just be prepared to get so hooked on it you won’t want to stop. It isn’t free, but the $6.99 price tag from the official app store does guarantee you endless fun, so download it today and join the millions of happy players.