Kirill Tereshin, an MMA fighter whose artificially enhanced biceps have earned him the nickname ‘Popeye’, has begun receiving treatment to remove his fake muscles amid doctors’ warnings that they could kill him.

Tereshin, also known as ‘Bazooka Arms’, became something of a viral sensation this year after footage of the 23-year-old’s outrageously swollen arms traversed the internet.

But the former army recruit’s 15 minutes of fame look to be coming to an end after he has heeded medical advice to remove the vaseline jelly-like substance from his upper arms or else risk amputation, or even death.

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Surgeon Dmitry Melnikov revealed that Tereshin had injected up to three liters of the substance, and not synthol as previously claimed, to achieve the illusion of giant biceps but was urged by botched plastic surgery campaigner Alana Mamaeva to seek treatment.

Mamaeva raised funds for the procedure and was present for the first stages of it.

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