MMA heavyweight fighter Josh Copeland is starting 2019 off the same way 2018 ended, with a loss.  He lost the $1 million championship fight in the PFL heavyweight tournament on Dec. 31, 2018 to Philipe Lins. 

Copeland was arrested for second-degree assault, obstruction and child abuse in Colorado on February 2nd for allegedly punching his wife in the face.  To make matters worse the couple’s child witnessed the whole thing.

Via TMZ Sports:

Copeland’s wife said the two had been arguing — when 36-year-old Josh pushed her so she pushed him back.

The two continued to attack each other — with Copeland’s wife admitting she slapped him in the face multiple times.

Finally, Copeland’s wife said the 6’1″, 265-pound fighter “then punched her in the face” and threw her on the bed. She says Copeland also took her phone so she couldn’t call for help. Cops say they later found her phone in Josh’s pocket.

Cops say Josh had redness and blood on his face — but did not remember punching his wife. 

Not a great look for Copeland.  Hopefully his wife will be okay and he gets some help, because he can’t go around punching women in the face.

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