Asian people have always shown a huge interest in all activities related to the sports sector and sports betting in particular. Mobile betting is currently a boom among Asian people. The dominant share of local bettors uses their phones to wager on favorite sports because it is super-easy and hassle-free. What are the reasons for the mobile betting boom in Asia and its benefits to local bettors? Keep reading to get the answers. 

Prospects of Sports Betting in Asia 

For a start, it is necessary to specify that Asian folk can relish sports betting activities by the law as this niche is legalized in most parts of the Asia-Pacific region. As a country that takes over 61% of the global population, Asia can boast one of the world’s largest gambling markets. Asian punters have craze in different sports, but their top favorites are soccer, cricket, and basketball. For users’ immense joy, local operators have 30+ sports (including the above-mentioned favorites) in their offerings to meet every bettor’s preferences.

With the Internet rise, online sportsbooks in Asia literally made their offline ‘brothers’ step aside. The lion’s share of all bets placed on sporting events in the vicinity currently comes from online betting operators. It is no wonder, as the online market has unbeaten privileges above brick-and-mortar betting shops.  Asians can now easily bet on any sport, league, and team 24/7, selecting the best odds offered by multiple operators, such as UFABET online sportsbook. 

UFABET is one of the industry frontrunners in this regard. The No.1 site in Thailand among sports bettors counts over 1.5M searches per month on Google alone. Such an impressive number is another proof of the Asian folks’ craze about online wagering. Experts predict that online gambling and betting niches will top the list of people’s favorite activities in the region in a couple of years. 

Why Mobile Betting Is Such a Boom among Asian Users 

Do you know that 78% of Asian bettors use their phones for sports wagering? A couple of years ago, this rate was only around 30%. Mobile technologies don’t stand still and keep conquering the Asian market. Locals use portable devices two times more often than laptops and PCs. Asian betting operators chose not to stay aside from the tech progress as well. They allow gamblers to enjoy their favorite pastime and earn a hard coin on wagers via mobile browsers and handy apps. 

There are many reasons for the mobile boom among Asian bettors. The key nuances of the enormous rise of mobile betting in the region are:


Having a handy app on your phone is like keeping a personal bookmaker in your pocket. You will never miss a chance to place a profitable bet even if you can’t reach your computer in time. You can access your favorite betting site via a mobile browser wherever you are, even amid a business meeting. 

Top-notch usability

Asian bettors prefer handy apps to desktop portals due to the top-tier usability of the first ones. As a rule, betting operators develop their mobile versions and apps by the principle of easy bets on-the-move. Thus, users can easily browse numerous sites hunting for the most profitable odds if they only have a phone with them.

Hassle-free payments

Statistics show that most Asian users have mobile banking and e-wallet apps for trouble-free money transactions 24/7. It means that gamblers can quickly transfer funds to their betting accounts with no effort. It is a huge advantage when you are out of time to deposit money for placing a fruitful bet. 

Flawless in-play betting

Portable devices allow users to watch live streams of different sporting events on-the-go. It is another benefit for punters who prefer in-play betting. They can place live bets on multiple events, leagues, and teams via the phone and monitor updates in real-time.


Mobile betting is a top choice for punters who tend to keep their gambling activity private. We can’t carry a desktop computer with us when we leave home and say for sure that nobody else uses it when we are out. Even if you have a password on your PC, you can simply forget to log out. But the mobile phone is with you all the time, and you don’t have to worry that someone will hack your betting history. 

Final Thoughts 

When counting all the pros of mobile betting, it becomes obvious why a dominant share of Asian punters prefers this format for wagers. They don’t have to worry about missing a lucrative bet just because they are away from the PC at the moment. Users can wager on any sport and league 24/7 wherever they go with a smart app on their phone. It doesn’t matter whether you use an app or access a sportsbook operator’s site via a mobile browser because developers make both options well-crafted for easy bets on-the-move. 

Considering the proven benefits of mobile wagers and the rise of betting operators in Asia, it is fair to sum up that this sector has literally blossomed in the region within the last few years. No doubt, this niche will keep growing in the future as well.