The latest challenge posed to the security of the stadium is the threat of a bomber. These people are on the lookout for a crowded place because they can make a huge number of people their target. Apart from that, they can fit into the crowd without looking suspicious. Whether it is a sports event, concert, or festival, these terrorists consider such events their prime targets. 

With such attackers improving their methodologies, it is also important to regularly update the security measures to ensure the people’s safety attending events at a stadium. The security staff at the venue should stick to strict measures to minimize or eradicate any threat. Here are some steps to ensure that:

1. Ensure a consistent and strict presence of security staff

The security setup at the stadiums should be divided into many layers. Each layer should have a different type of security check. Everyone should pass through a metal detector at one stage, which is placed away from the crowd to minimize the initial threat. After that, a body check of the people coming to the stadium should be conducted. After that, a detailed check of the bags and the belongings people are carrying along should be done. This check should be both done through detectors and physically. A physical checkup is crucial as sometimes the explosive devices may have jammers attached to them. 

2. Avoid creating hubs of crowd

Wherever there is a crowd, these attackers consider those places a prime spot as the suspicion is minimized. The security staff should advise the people to distance themselves at all times. For added protection, security staff should be equipped with the best of the inspection equipment and guns with the latest parts like efk fire dragon to ensure that they stay ahead of the technology at all times. This would help the organizers to deal with the threat of any level. 

3. Create strong communication

The staff members should be appointed around the stadium and outside it as well. They should be in a constant connection with each other through the help of devices that cannot be hacked. This would ensure that the communication mediums are secure enough, and no one can intrude the channels and listen to the communication. 

4. Make the crowd conform to the protocols

The security member cannot themselves ensure complete security if the crowd does not conform to the rules. All the security members should strictly follow the protocols. The crowd should work together with the security members to ensure the implementation. The protocols are formed and implemented for the public’s safety. Hence, they must cooperate with the security members working for their safety.