Best Medium Layered Hair Styles to Rock In 2019

Layered hair is the best option when you need to style medium layered haircuts. This length of hair flatters all ladies regardless of their complexion. However, it is more amazing on ladies with thick hair since it makes them feel light and at ease. It gives women with fine hair more volume.

Styling medium layered hair is easy. That is a big plus considering that many women don’t like going to a salon to have their hair styled. For medium layered haircuts, they can style them in the comfort of their homes. Let’s go through some of the ways you can style your medium layered hair. Scroll down to continue reading.



  • Shoulder Length Hairstyle and Flicked Tips.


If you have medium to long locks, you may want to spice it up with flicked and choppy trimmings. Layered hair gives definition and enhances interest to all haircuts, but the flicked tips work excellently if you are looking for a unique and messy blow-dry styling. This hairstyle would be ideal for ladies with thick hair since; it can sustain, flicked out tips well.


  • Long Dishevelled Bob.


Medium layered hair is among the most versatile haircuts. It is ideal for ladies with thick hair looking for a statement haircut that is also easy to style. For those ladies with thin hair, to gives an impression of thicker hair. Tousle it up with curl crème to give a look some wavy action and include highlights to refresh your complexion.


  • Two-Layered Feathered Blonde Haircut.


This feathered haircut has been in existence for several decades and no sign of it going anywhere any soon. Dye it platinum shade, and you will have a flirty and beautiful style that is surely a show-stopper.


  • Medium Length Hairstyle and Side Layers.


You don’t have to wear layers all over your head to get the needed dimension. A gorgeous mid-length look with some side layers can give you an excellent face-framing, especially if you have a long neck and an oval-shaped face.


  • Long Layered Hair.


This hairstyle with a V-cut layer allows you to style your hair in many different styling options. A single-length hairstyle hangs calmly without any form of movement, and it is an excellent way to hide the natural imperfections of your face. Besides, this haircut can be styled to suit each unique face shape.



  • Medium Haircut and Layered Bottom.


If you have straight hair, layers should be your best friend when it comes to styling. Layers benefit straight hair, especially when concentrated at the roots of the hair length. If you have thick hair, tell your stylist to trim the tips with layers to make your hair brighter and effective, not too heavy.


  • Mid-Feathered Hairstyle for Ladies with Thick Hair.


A medium layered hair cut is a most preferred hairstyle, especially by thick-haired women. Your hair doesn’t look heavy if you rock this fresh haircut. Layers work excellent with thick manes and enhance the much-required movement and fullness to the otherwise compact look. 



  • Feathered Bob and Piece-Y Bangs.


A hairstyle with bangs is not a preferred style for women with thick textures. However, including piece-y fringe where most of the hair is cut out can make this haircut your statement hairstyle. To improve the pieceyness look, blow-dry your locks and separate the bangs with your fingers.


  • Pointy Bob and Caramel Balayage.


If you don’t have plain straight locks or you have a blunt haircut that you no longer want to rock again opt for softening it with a pointcut bob. Cut your locks at the angle to give it some instant texture. The pointcut style appears beautiful on various hair colors, but caramel balayage will get you noticed wherever you go. 


  • Flipped Layered Hair.


This is the best look for ladies with medium length hair that appears heavy. It is also a great style for ladies with long hair and needs to make it appear a little bit short. Start layering your hair at the middle and go down to the trimmings in stacked layers. The outcome is a fun, adorable and voluminous hairstyle to envy for.