Esports are experiencing a tremendous increase in popularity. According to Statista, this popular industry should reach 2.85 billion in worth by 2025. However, one has to know whether this popular pastime is also popular in parts of the world where there aren’t important esports leagues or competitions. Maja K. Lundborg, editor-in-chief of one of the most popular gaming sites in Nordic countries, knows the answer. Not only is she reviewing the best casino sites Greenland, but also has a deep understanding of the betting and e-gaming industries. 

“Sports games are always popular in Greenland, regardless of whether we are talking about esports or traditional sports. These people are very outdoorsy, but short days and long nights simply force them to find alternatives”, explains Lundborg. To help us understand the most popular games Greenlanders play, she shared a top list with us. 


The first sports game on the list is quite expected – FIFA. Even though it comes out every year, this gaming classic is as popular as ever. “Greenland is simply crazy about football. They play football, bet on football, and when there is no other option, enjoy video games based on this popular league”, says Maja. 

The popularity of this game is so immense, it can’t be ignored. FIFA (the governing body, not the game) even announced it will change the name of this popular game, but we can hardly imagine it would affect its status among gamers. 

Rocket League

And while Greenlanders love to play FIFA and bet on esports teams that play it, Rocket League is mostly popular among bettors on this island. If you are not familiar with it, we bring you a short explanation of the game: it is football, but with cars and all sorts of vehicles. 

“It might sound like a stereotype, but people living on Greenland can seem a bit peculiar to the outsiders, so no wonder they enjoy peculiar games” Maja explains and adds, “Rocket League is more popular among the betting crowd than gamers, and it is easy to see why. It takes a lot of skill to play it, while wagering allows you to enjoy it without much hassle.” 

Wii Sports

This is an oldie, but a goodie. A remote-control game that allows you to play sports indoors is a massive hit among Greenlandic gamers. And our gaming specialist knows why! “Greenlanders like to stay active as much as possible, but harsh weather, long nights, and even longer winters can make it quite a challenge. The fact you can experience so many sports in the comfort of your living room, makes Wii popular despite it being a 2006 release”, explains she. 

To this day, Wii Sports remains one of the best-selling Nintendo games, with almost 83 million units being sold in March 2021 alone. We are sure many of those landed in living rooms on Greenland! Not too shabby for a game that has been around for 15 years.

League of Legends

“We are now considering esports to be real sports, so I dare to put League of Legends on the list”, says Maja with a mischief smile. Developed by Riot Games, LoL has been a worldwide phenomenon and is one of the most acknowledged esports categories. Let’s not forget, it is believed to be the first esport that hit mainstream. 

“You can play it and build your own character, or you can watch others play. Hey, you can even bet on it! Many Greenlanders like to enjoy LoL in every possible way, so this fantasy spectacle definitely deserves a place on this list”, concludes Lundborg.