Myles Turner is advocating for him to be traded to the Lakers. 

The only reason this trade hasn’t happened yet is that the Indiana Pacers are steadfast on receiving two draft picks in return and the Los Angeles Lakers are not interested. It’s anybody’s guess as to how long they will continue to do so or how bad things need to get before they pull the trigger. But the speculation will not cease until the NBA trade deadline in February.

Adrian Wojnarowski invited Myles Turner onto his podcast on Monday morning, and asked Turner about the trade. Turner then chose to use the platform to basically tell the Lakers to come and get him and rattled off the reasons why he thinks he’d be able to help the team.

See below:  

 If Lakers GM Rob Pelinka went on The Woj Pod and listed all the reasons he thinks Turner would help the team, he would most likely be fined big time. Yet it’s the player doing the tampering here which apparently is not an issue.  The Los Angeles Lakers know what Myles Turner can offer them. It’s about whether or not the Buss family can deal away two draft picks to fix the mistake the organization made by trading for Russell Westbrook. Adding Myles Turner and Buddy Hield does not make for a championship team but it is nearly impossible to get worse than they are now, sitting at 1-4 after two weeks.

This game of Will They, Won’t They will dominate NBA discussion because it’s the los Angeles Lakers. Myles Turner just made things a bit more interesting by openly advocating to get traded on a major insider’s podcast.  

This should be pretty interesting to follow. 

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