In a world where technology is present in almost every aspect of day-to-day life to some extent, getting used to computers and particularly different software can make life easier for users. 

That’s the case also for the betting industry, where online wagering has immensely facilitated the process. Now, a new advancement has made a reality the dream of handling multiple bookmakers through one account. Enter, a pledge of excellence for the future of betting.

That being said, a single account to handle many bookmakers is just a shallow remark in the incredible see of features this sports betting software presents.  

And though the development, application, and constant improvement of betting technology and the consolidation and display of many offers in a single screen are definitely big steps to make punter’s endeavors easier, BSO also focuses on the experience. Therefore, let’s see to what extent client satisfaction is a priority.

A time jump to the future provides big leaps forward not only in terms of usage but also in areas such as security. From the selection of the bookmakers whose offers will be included in the website to the assistance in the betting process, BSO knows that what punters appreciate the most is the certainty that they will not get cheated out of their money by the so-called «small print». 

That’s why vets all possible candidates using a very complete set of austere criteria that they need to meet before they can be included in the catalog.

BSO aims to provide a speedy, relaxed efficient wagering process that allows its customers to make the most out of every individual market, even if they require the use of multiple bookmakers. 

Therefore, the online betting software gathers the offers of the cooperating bookies in one location to display them next to each other so that users can select the odds they consider the most profitable and place as many simultaneous wagers as they want.

A completely assisted experience prefers the use of the term assisting instead of supporting simply because that’s a more accurate name for a team of professionals available 24/7 solving customers’ issues in the 8 different languages that the website offers. Additionally, the accounting department handles all financial transactions as fast as humanly possible, and the administrative board not only makes ensures the correct functioning of the company but also looks to add even more features whenever they have been requested by the punters. 

We can safely conclude that it is a matter of assistance and not simple customer support.

The result of all of the aforementioned features is undoubtedly an answer to the question in the title. A sports betting software that complies with its offers and that’s constantly making sure that everything is as favorable for its punter as it can be cannot be called anything else but the best. It is also enough of a reason for any bettor to register for an account at a betting software and relax on a service that truly delivers.