The car of Bubba Wallace slammed into a tire barrier during Cup Series practice Saturday. NASCAR made the decision after the practice to adjust the angle of the barrier.

NASCAR will continue to evaluate the angle and length of the barrier Saturday during the final Cup practice and the Xfinity Series race.

Marcus Smith, president of track owner Speedway Motorsports Inc., said he was open to moving the wall wherever NASCAR wanted, but also that the drivers likely will adjust.

“There was feedback [after testing in July] from drivers saying they need more of a visual reference for that exit out of the backstretch chicane, and a tire wall was the thing that everybody agreed was the right course,” Smith said.

“I see a few people hitting the tire wall and I think it’s one of those things drivers are trying to go as fast as they can go, they’re pushing the limits, they’re finding the limits. … They just need to get used to the track and learn it.”

Whoo the hell thought it was a good idea to put a wall there that close to the racetrack anyways? I mean, seriously?