Nate Diaz has decided to interject himself in the Joe Rogan vs. Stephen A. Smith debate that stemmed from the ESPN analyst’s criticism of Donald Cerrone following his UFC 246 loss to Conor McGregor.

Smith ripped Cerrone for quitting and failing to last more than 40 seconds in the biggest fight of his career, and that drew the ire of Rogan.

The longtime UFC commentator said Smith shouldn’t have been positioned as he was on the broadcast and thinks other people could’ve provided more valuable analysis.

Rogan and Smith have gone back and forth with multiple responses since, and at one point McGregor jumped in to defend Cerrone.

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Moreover, he requested Smith apologize to Rogan and Cerrone for his analysis and subsequent comments, but Smith has not recanted.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday night, Diaz seemed to agree with Smith’s assessment, claiming that “the fight was over before it started.” 

He also encouraged Rogan and McGregor to “get off each other’s nuts.”

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