It’s amazing how things escalate from pictures of two people flirting, to a full blown relationship. 

I’ll catch you up with the story if you’re unfamiliar. 

Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson is dating Laura Harrier. 

That’s a fact. 

Now comes the fiction part. 

We spotted Laura and Michael B Jordan doing some major flirting at the SAG Awards 

This led to an explosion of stories about the former co workers and their possible affection for one another. 

That was almost two weeks ago. 

Now outlets are suggesting the two are dating. 

Check out the tweet below: 

Looks like the Laura flirting with Michael B. Jordan story still has some legs. 

We know it’s not true, but hey, it gets clicks. 

As far as we know, Klay and Laura are still together, if anything changes, we’ll be the first to know. 

Check out some pics of Klay’s girlfriend Laura below: 

That’s not MJ’s girl, it’s Klays. 

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