New York Giants superstar receiver is most definitely in the ‘It’ crowd, and there’s nothing more telling about who’s friends with who in Hollywood, more than a follow on Instagram. Baldwin and OBJ recently worked together. 

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Hailey became friendly while on TBS’ comic celebrity face-off show Drop the Mic. Now it seems they’re both following each other on Instagram. In the world of celebrity, alarm bells sound when two celebs follow each other. Check out the follows below. 

Now of course people are going to assume there’s more going on between these two than a friendly follow. There’s no evidence to suggest otherwise at this point, but if we come across something, of course we’ll relay the info. Of course there’s Hailey Baldwin’s Net Worth.  

All the world’s greatest romances first begin with a follow. In the meantime, let’s just visualize what their babies would look like.