Odell Beckham Jr. thinks he’s being singled out unfairly by the NFL for “random” drug tests.

Beckham let it be known Thursday morning on Twitter.

“Walkin in today to my 997,546 “””RANDOM””” PED drug test today,” Beckham tweeted. “It’s actually funny how I “randomly” get tested every other week. Dear @NFL please stop sending these people, ur takin away from meeting times and film… thanks #ThisAintWhatYaLookinFor #ThisIsBeyondMeeeee.”

“Other than that world ! Have a blesssssed day #PVO,” Beckham added in a follow-up tweet.

The Giants wide receiver just spent an entire offseason rehabbing a broken left ankle, and now his team is 0-2 to start the year, and he didn’t see the ball much in Week 2 in Dallas. 

He also had a possible run in with drugs in Paris during the offseason, so there’s that.