The Minnesota Timberwolves meltdown has been entertaining to say the least.  It all started when Jimmy Butler requested a trade on Wednesday.  

Reports quickly came out that Butler had problems with both Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns.  Wiggins’ brother seemed to confirm that fact when he tweeted out “Hallelujah” following the news that Butler requested a trade.   

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson kept things going when he took to social media to back Butler and blast Wiggins.  He criticized Wiggins’ over his brother’s tweet and questioned his heart.

Jackson’s criticism couldn’t go without a response.  Wiggins did so on his Instagram story and called him a “bum ass.”

I can guarantee you that Wiggins doesn’t want any part of Jackson.  This is a classic case of internet tough guy on his part.  Jackson isn’t the one that you want to challenge.