New York Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham has had a interesting few weeks to say the least, but as of today, he’s officially back on the East Coast. 

The New York Giants wide out was in New Orleans doing some training. 

So he went from New Orleans to DC, DC to Newark on his way home. This dude doesn’t fly private apparently. Check out some info below from Beckham’s journey back home. 

He also was getting his flirt on with a flight attendant during his New Orleans to DC flight. 

Unfortunately for him the flight attendant’s co-worker put the kibosh on her trying to get to know the NFL’s most controversial receiver. 

And this is exactly why you fly private, too much going on during a commercial flight to distract you from what’s important. You know, getting back to your  job trying to become the NFL’s highest paid player. Good luck to you OBJ.  Next time just call NetJets.