Looks like it’s open season to talk about Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Olivia initially let the cat out of the bag for Andy Cohen’s podcast, now it seems the subject of Aaron is no longer off limits. 

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke to Olivia Munn at The Renaissance Times Square’s R Lounge, where she opened up about her love life, and what it was like when they broke things off.   

Olivia Munn on Extra talks about the day after news broke of her break up with Aaaron Rogers

‘I got somebody you should meet…’ I was like, ‘No…’ I just needed a little bit of, you know, it was an intense, like, three years of my life, so I wanted to, I needed to kind of refocus.”

She called the three years with Aaron ‘intense’. I always thought he’d be no walk in the park to deal with on a daily basis, but she makes him sound really bad. Could just be a case of sour grapes.