An unidentified NFL team is planning to make a run at prying Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan.  This news comes not long after Harbaugh said he has no plans to leave his alma mater.

Staying at Michigan might be Harbaugh’s plan right now, but everyone has a price.

Via Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, at least one team plans to make a run at Jim Harbaugh after the NFL season ends. Whether he’ll bite remains to be seen, but the team in question is prepared to put the kind of money on the table that will get Harbaugh’s attention.

Chris Simms recently suggested on PFT Live that one team is indeed waiting for a chance to interview Jim Harbaugh. Simms wouldn’t name the team, and I’ve yet to be able to track down the team’s identity. But there’s at least one team that will try to get Jim Harbaugh to come back to the NFL after four years at his alma mater.

There are already a few teams looking for new a head coach, with more than one expected to join them in the search after the season.  Nothing surprises me when it comes to football coaches.  

Harbaugh making a return to the NFL wouldn’t surprise me at all.