Together with classic card games, online slots are considered the most popular and exciting games to play online. If you check some of the leading gambling websites that accept players from the Romania, you’ll find the slot machine titles as standard offerings and often covered by top promotional campaigns and promotions. 

A careful review of the games portfolio of top casinos will reveal the popularity, diversity, and appeal of online slots. When you check the listing of games, you will find varied themes, reel configurations, and styles to choose from. Furthermore, the top vendors like Netent, Yggdrasil Gaming, Betsoft, to Play n’ GO are always in the business of designing and introducing new titles on a regular basis. This means better and more options for players and enthusiasts. More importantly, these games are popular and highly marketable due to the easy gameplay, rules, and the randomness of the results. Just make a bet, click ‘Spin’ or ‘Play’ when ready, and the winning combination will be displayed in seconds. 

Although it’s exciting and easy to play, the mechanics behind winning are complex and highly mathematical. In this guide, we take a look at the system and technology that powers online slots or as they are known in Romania – pacanele online.

All Outcomes are at Random

There’s no such thing as a perfect strategy that can be used to collect instant wins and jackpots every time. Whether you are playing the classic slot machine or the modern 3D slot title, you can expect random outcomes in every spin. This is made possible thanks to the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG), a program that decides on the random outcomes of every spin. Experienced players and enthusiasts will check the game’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage before they play in real money. Expressed as a percentage, the RTP provides players with a glimpse at how the game will payout in the long run. 

As a standard rule, you should look for online slots with an RTP close to 100%. So if you find a slot machine that boasts a 99.5% RTP, this means that this title will return 95 percent of all the best placed over its lifespan.

A Few Words About Volatility

Another important feature to understand and consider is the game’s volatility. This will give us an estimate as to how frequent (or rare) the instant wins and jackpots are given. In terms of volatility, players can count on low, medium, and high volatility slot titles. A low variance game is one that pays out frequently in small amounts. High volatility online slots, on the other hand, pay rarely but these can be bigger instant wins and jackpots. If you are a beginner and you want a ‘safe bet’ then you can’t go wrong with the low volatility titles like Starburst by Netent. 

If you are a high roller and want to play for bigger wins, the games like Book of Dead by Play n’ GO. In between these two levels are the medium-volatility casino slot machines. The frequency of payments is just on the middle ground which can work for most players. If you are still cautious but wants to win from time to time, then you can play popular titles like Mustang Gold by Pragmatic Play and Wild-o-Tron 3000 by Netent.

Online slots are some of the best and most exciting titles to play in real money. They come in exciting themes, offer lucrative bonuses, and can offer lucrative instant wins and jackpots. More importantly, online slots are standard offerings on top websites because of the randomness of the results thanks to the mechanics and technologies that drive the games.