Class is back in session,” Spiranac begins her latest video. “Let’s talk about some golf basic terms.

  • “A breakfast ball is a mulligan off the first tee. And a mulligan is a free shot.
  • “‘Fore!’ is what you say to warn someone when a golf ball is heading towards them.
  • “A sandy is when you get a up and down from the sand.
  • “A shank is a shot that you hit off your hosel and causes mass hysteria in your game.
  • “The hosel is the part of the club that connects the head to the shaft.
  • “A divot is the chunk of grass you take on your full swing,” Paige continued.
  • “Hitting it fat means you took too much grass, and hitting it think means that you didn’t take any at all.
  • “Mashed potatoes is what you scream on a golf course when you want to be the most hated person there.
  • “A draw is a shot that moves right to left. A fade is a shot that moves left to right.
  • “A hook is a shot that goes farther right, really far left. A slice is one that moves left to really far right,” Spiranac concluded.

Watch Paige Spiranac explain below: 

Paige Spiranac asked people to comment with their favorite golf term or slang

Naturally, many Twitterers complied with her request.

There’s also “this guy” (and he wasn’t alone).

“Awesome, Paige. But don’t forget there are left handed golfers who would differ with your definition of draw, fade, hook, and slice,” he tweeted.

“Helmet…otherwise known as the beverage gal,” another golfer tweeted.

In that video, Spiranac explained how one of her sponsors, Shot Scope, has identified “exactly what you need to do in order to break 90 on the course.”

Paige revealed that they have compiled a lot of data on how amateur golfers perform on the golf course. And by a lot, she means their database contains information on over two hundred million shots.

Throughout the video, Spiranac goes through what she says are the four key steps that will not only help you break 90, but also 100, 80, 70, “doesn’t matter,” she says.

Her tips included hitting for more distance, improving how you play par 5 holes, how to stop three-putting and hit more greens.

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