Parents of 4th grade basketball players brawled after a game on January 19th.  Two of the parents involved in the fight were charged with disorderly conduct.

In addition to being charged, the parents and kids involved in the fight have been kicked out of the basketball league for the rest of the season.

Via WLWT5:

A fight between parents after a youth basketball game in Fairfax was caught on camera.

Now, the parents and young players have been expelled from their basketball league.

The fight only lasted for a short time, but the consequences are going to last for a least a season.

Fairfax police said two parents are charged with disorderly conduct following a fight outside Mariemont Junior High School after a youth league basketball game on Jan. 19.

This is one of those news stories that leaves you shaking your head and wondering what is going on with society.  But if you look closely at the video it will also leave you amazed by what people are able to do.

Check out the guy at around the 1:00 minute mark who slides into the video out of nowhere.  A perfect pop-up slide right into the middle of everything.

Where is this guy’s cape?